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Our company is constantly modernising and improving its production processes. An indispensable part of any modernisation is the introduction of new technologies. Thanks to our cooperation with the largest global suppliers of machinery and equipment in the plastics processing industry, we are constantly introducing the latest solutions. This guarantees quality and timely delivery.



By choosing our company, you are opting for the highest quality and professionalism. We fully control the entire production process, from the selection of high-quality raw materials to the analysis of the details of the finished product. Our technological solutions and fully equipped research laboratory, combined with highly qualified personnel, give us the confidence that our products will meet the expectations of our customers and business partners.



We have modern production machines that maintain the highest quality, accuracy and precision in every detail of the plastic packaging we produce. Our machinery consists of state-of-the-art Kai-Mei machines, manufactured in a configuration that allows full interchangeability of moulding tools. This provides a guarantee of production continuity, even in the event of unspecified events.



We have our own high storage warehouses. Thanks to an individual storage strategy and a large warehouse area, the packaging we produce is stored under appropriate conditions. We have a 16,000 m² warehouse at our disposal, thanks to which we are able to build up a stock of manufactured packaging, ensuring continuity of supply. We offer the creation of a buffer stock in sufficient quantities to ensure the security of production continuity for our customers.